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Two transient young men breaks into an empty church by the sea to form a blood pact: to get rid of their childhood demons and escape the cycle of anxiety and authorities. Their dreams of making it as true goth-rock-stars forces them to transcend old boundaries and play their first live concert ever. The passage of time brings them learning of death and suffering, but ultimately shows them, that the redemption they've longed for so long, is now manifested in their friendship.


  • Director: Jesper Dalgaard

  • Producer: Daniel Mühlendorph

  • Director of Photography: Valdemar Cold Winge Leisner

  • Production Designer: Silje Aune Dammen

  • Editor: Denniz Göl Bertelsen

  • Sound Designer: Mathias Dehn


  • Genre: Documentary

  • Duration: 22 min.

  • Year: 2016